Poorvika Mobile Latest Models Discount Price List Tamil New Year 2016

Poorvika Mobile Latest Models Discount Price List Tamil New Year 2016:

poorvika mobiles 2016

The Poorvika Mobile Stores is one among the leading sellers of top branded mobile phones with best offers and special prices.

Every year for the Tamil New Year festival the Poorvika will be announcing the special offers and discount prices for all the top branded mobile phones.

Like wise this year also Poorvika had announced the Tamil New 2016 special offers and discount prices for the top branded mobile phones.

Here we had mentioned the price list for various top branded mobiles at the Poorvika showrooms and also at the official website of Poorvika.

Apple Mobile Phone Price List:
Apple iPhone 6S Plus – 128GB – Rs.88,999 Rs.77,000
Apple iPhone 6S Plus – 64GB – Rs.79,999 Rs.67,000
Apple iPhone 6S – 128GB – Rs.79,500 Rs.67,000
Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 128GB – Rs.79,499 Rs.65,000
Apple iPhone 6 – 128GB – Rs.72,499 Rs.55,000
Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 64GB – Rs.71,999 Rs.64,999
Apple iPhone 6S Plus – 16GB – Rs.69,999 Rs.57,000
Apple iPhone 6S – 64GB – Rs.69,999 Rs.58,000
Apple iPhone 6 – 64GB – Rs.63,499 Rs.49,990
Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 16GB – Rs.62,199 Rs.45,000
Apple iPhone 6S – 16GB – Rs.60,000 Rs.47,000
Apple iPhone 6 – 16GB – Rs.55,499 Rs.37,000
Apple iPhone 5S 16GB – Rs.25,000 Rs.21,000

Samsung Mobile Phones Price List:
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Rs.65,999 Rs.40,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 64GB – Rs.61,999 Rs.53,900
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus-32GB – Rs.59,999 Rs.53,900
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 64GB Dual Sim – Rs.59,999 Rs.57,400
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge-64GB – Rs.57,999 Rs.43,900
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Rs.56,900
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge-32GB – Rs.55,400 Rs.40,900
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 32GB Dual Sim – Rs.54,900 Rs.51,400
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 32GB – Rs.54,499 Rs.47,900
Samsung Galaxy S6-64GB – Rs.52,999 Rs.39,900
Samsung Galaxy S7 – Rs.48,900
Samsung Galaxy S6-32GB – Rs.42,999 Rs.33,900
Samsung Galaxy A7 – ( 2016 Edition ) – Rs.34,999 Rs.32,500
Samsung Galaxy A8 – Rs.33,500 Rs.25,990
Samsung Galaxy A7 – Rs.31,500 Rs.22,990
Samsung Galaxy A5 – ( 2016 Edition ) – Rs.30,499 Rs.28,500
Samsung Galaxy A5 – Rs.20,499 Rs.17,990
Samsung Galaxy E7 – E700 – Rs.18,999 Rs.15,500
Samsung Galaxy J7 – Rs.15,499 Rs.14,399
Samsung Galaxy E5 – E500 – Rs.15,499 Rs.12,999
Samsung G7102 Galaxy Grand 2 – Rs.14,300 Rs.10,500
Samsung Galaxy J5 – Rs.12,799 Rs.11,500
Samsung i9300i Galaxy-s-III Neo – Rs.12,499 Rs.9,999
Samsung G360F – Galaxy Core Prime 4G – Rs.10,499 Rs.8,499
Samsung G531 Galaxy Grand Prime 4G – Rs.10,199 Rs.8,999
Samsung i9060 Galaxy Grand Neo Plus – Rs.9,799 Rs.7,990
Samsung Z3 Tizen – Rs.8,799 Rs.6,990
Samsung Galaxy J2 – Rs.8,799 Rs.8,350
Samsung G355 -Galaxy Core 2 – Rs.7,499 Rs.6,500
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace – Rs.6,599 Rs.6,299
Samsung Galaxy J1 – Rs.6,499 Rs.5,999
Samsung Z1 – Tizen – Rs.5,190 Rs.4,490
Samsung C3322 – Rs.3,150 Rs.2,799
Samsung Metro B350E – Rs.2,749 Rs.2,799
Samsung B313- Metro – Rs.1,975 Rs.1,999
Samsung B110 – Rs.1,423 Rs.1,425
Samsung E1200 – Rs.1,224 Rs.1,200

Sony Mobile Phones Price List:
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual – Rs.61,299 Rs.54,999
Sony Xperia Z3+ – Rs.54,999 Rs.35,499
Sony Xperia Z5 Dual – Rs.49,999 Rs.42,000
Sony Xperia M5 Dual – Rs.36,250 Rs.24,499
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra – Rs.28,990 Rs.24,499
Sony Xperia C4 Dual – Rs.28,750 Rs.19,999
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual – Rs.19,999 Rs.17,799
Sony Xperia T3 – Rs.12,799 Rs.10,999
Sony Xperia E4 Dual – Rs.12,390 Rs.8,500

HTC Mobile Phone Price List:
Htc One A9 – Rs.32,600 Rs.31,990
Htc Desire 828 – 4G – Rs.20,499 Rs.18,990
Htc Desire 728G DS – Rs.18,999 Rs.14,500
Htc Desire 728 – DS LTE – Rs.17,999 Rs.15,999
Htc Desire 626 – 4G – Rs.15,299 Rs.13,999

Micromax Mobile Phone Price List:
Micromax Q450 Canvas Sliver5 – Rs.13,499 Rs.12,000
Micromax Canvas 5 E481 – Rs.13,499 Rs.11,599
Micromax E455 Canvas Nitro 4G – Rs.11,500 Rs.9,500
Micromax Q417 Canvas Mega 4G – Rs.11,499 Rs.9,999
Micromax A290 Canvas KNIGHT Cameo – Rs.9,999 Rs.6,499
Micromax Canvas Mega E353 – Rs.8,499 Rs.7,500
Micromax Canvas Juice 4G – Q461 – Rs.8,499 Rs.8,299
Micromax Canvas Fire 4G Plus-Q412 – Rs.7,999 Rs.6,999
Micromax Canvas Fire 4G – Q411 – Rs.7,199 Rs.6,500
Micromax Canvas Blaze 4GPlus-Q414 – Rs.6,799 Rs.5,999
Micromax Q382 – Canvas Juice 4 – Rs.6,299 Rs.5,699
Micromax Q324 – BOLT – Rs.4,599 Rs.2,999
Micromax S301 – Bolt – Rs.2,999 Rs.2,500
Micromax X458 – Rs.2,479 Rs.2,449
Micromax X2050 – Rs.1,349 Rs.1,299
Micromax X084 – Rs.1,339 Rs.1,250

Karbonn Mobile Phone Price List:
Karbonn Quattro L50 HD 4G – Rs.7,999 Rs.7,499
Karbonn Titanium Dazzle3 S204 – Rs.5,999 Rs.4,999
Karbonn Aura – Rs.5,499 Rs.4,000
Karbonn- Titanium S15 Plus – Rs.4,500 Rs.3,199
Karbonn A81 – Rs.3,499 Rs.2,999
Karbonn K85 – Rs.2,299 Rs.1,799
Karbonn K490 – Rs.1,999 Rs.1,299
Karbonn K130 – Rs.1,599 Rs.999
Karbonn K54 Star – Rs.1,549 Rs.1,249
Karbonn K101 Star – Rs.1,133 Rs.950
Karbonn K120 Star – Rs.1,049 Rs.999
Karbonn K106 S – Rs.1,049 Rs.850

Motorola Mobile Phone Price List:
Motorola X Force – 64GB – Rs.56,899 Rs.54,499
Motorola X Force – 32GB – Rs.52,999 Rs.50,499



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