1000+ Home Made Diwali Sweets From Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal

diwali-sweetsDiwali means fesitval of lights in common. Diwali termed with festival of crackers for kids. But Diwali is also festival of sweets for kids, youngsters, and elders. One cannot taste diwali unless there is sweet dishes for diwali / deepavali day. And it is none other than indian sweets that can fulfill this festival. Yes indian sweets exported across all the world of countries and the celebrity at the other end buys diwali sweets.

Among the diwali recipes, sweets forms the major part of the deepavali dishes. All the indian hoursehold wish for sweets which are traditional, commercial, and latest modern varieties. Nowadays people forgotten to make sweets at home and hence look for shops to purchase sweets sometimes online sometime offline. Though the shop sweets are standard only when they are branded otherwise they may turn into food poison. So it is good we at family should preserve / remember how to make diwali sweets at home. It may be from grandma / great parents who can help in this regard.

There is no idea for the upcoming festival diwali whether the online retail giant amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, shopclue will bring quality sweets at their service. So here we have listed 1000+ diwali sweets that can be cooked / prepared easily at our house. As we have given only the list of sweet names, one should google for its diwali sweet recipes or indian sweet recipes on google to know more about the preparation / ingredients.

AamrasKakinada Khaja
Abar-khaboKakinada Khaja 1 Kg
AcchappamKala Jamnu
Achari Paneer TikkaKala Jamun
AdaKala Jamun 1 Kg
AdhirasamKalajamun 1 Kg
Agra PedaKalakand
Agra Peda 250 GmKalo Jam
Agra PethaKamal Bhog
Agra Taj PethaKancha-golla
AgrapaanKara Boondhi
Agrapaan 1 KgKara Boondhi 1 Kg
Ajmeer KalakandKaranji
Ajmeer Kalakand 1 KgKarappusa Mithai With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Ajmeri KalakandKarappusa Mithai…
Ajmeri Kalakand 1 KgKarjikai
Ajmeri KalakandhKashi Halva
Ajmeri Kalakandh 1 KgKashmiri Burfi
Ajmeri KalakhandKashmiri Burfi 1 Kg
Ajmeri Kalakhand 500 Gm Pack Of 1Kg
Almond BarKhaju Burfi
Almond Bar 50 GmKhaju Burfi 1 Kg
Almond BrownieKhajur Dryfruit Burfi
Almond Brownie 1 PcKhajur Dryfruit Laddu
Almond HalwaKhajur Dryfruits Burfee
Aloo ChaatKhaman Dhokla
Aloo TikkiKhandvi
Aloo Tikki BurgerKharjura Kalakand
Aloo Tikki CholeKharjura Kalakand 1 Kg
AnarsaKhatta Dhokla
Anjeer BurfiKheer
Anjeer Burfi 1 KgKheer Er Chop
Anjeer Burfi 250 GmKheer Sagar
Anjeer Dryfruits BurfeeKhopra Paak
Anjeer KatliKhova Fruit Cake
Anjeer PanKhova Fruit Cake 250 Gm
Anjeer Pan 1 KgKhova Gujia
Anjeer RollKhova Gujia 250 Gm
Anjeer Roll 250 GmKhova Kajjikayalu
Anjmeer KalakanKhova Kajjikayalu 1 Kg
Anjmeer Kalakan 250 GmKhova Picess
AriseluKhova Picess 1 Kg
AshrafiKhova Puri
Ashrafi 1 KgKhova Puri 1 Kg
Ashrafi 500 Gm Pack Of 1Kismis Kalakan
AssortedKismis Kalakan 250 Gm
Assorted 400 GmKobbari Laddu
Assorted Dry Fruit BitesKobbari Laddu 500 Gm
Atta LadooKolukattai Or Kudumulu
Aval NanachathuKomolabhog
Baby Corn ManchurianKova Billalu
Badam BarfiKova Billalu 250 Gm
Badam Barfi 1 KgKova Gujia
Badam BurfiKova Gujia 1 Kg
Badam Burfi 500 Gm Pack Of 1Kova Gujjia
Badam HalwaKova Gujjia 500 Gm Pack Of 1
Badam Halwa 1 KgKova Kajikayali
Badam Halwa 500 Gm Pack Of 1Kova Kajikayali 250 Gm
Badam KatliKova Peda
Badam Ki JaliKova Peda 250 Gm
Badam Ki Jali 500 Gm Pack Of 1Kova Puri
Badam PapdiKova Puri 250 Gm
Badam Papdi 1 KgKozhakkattai
Badam Pista RollKozhikode Halwa
Badam Pista Roll 1 KgKozhukattai
Badam Pista Roll 500 Gm Pack Of 1Ksheera-kesari
Badham 1 KgKuzhalappam
BadshahKuzhi Paniyaram
Badshah 250 GmLaddoo
Badusha With Cow GheeLaddus
Badusha With Cow Ghee 250 GmLassi
BadushaahLauki Halwa
Badushaah 1 KgLauki Ka Halwa
Balls 15 PcsLiquor Fillers
BalushahiLiquor Fillers 12 Pcs
Balushai 250 GmMadata Kaja
Banana BitesMadata Kaja 1 Kg
Banana Bites 250 GmMadata Kaja 500 Gm Pack Of 1
Banana CakeMadatha Khaja
Banana Cake 10 PcMadatha Khaja 1 Kg
Bandar HalwaMagas
Bandar Halwa 1 KgMaharashtrian Snacks
Bandar LadduMahim Halwa
Bandar Laddu 1 KgMaida Petha
Bandar Laddu 250 GmMaladu Or Maa Laddu
Bandar Laddu 500 Gm Pack Of 1Malai Burfi
Bandaru LadduMalai Burfi 1 Kg
Bandaru Laddu 1 KgMalai Ki Gilauri
BarfiMalai Kofta
BasundiMalai Laddu
Beetroot HalwaMalai Pan
Bellam GareluMalai Roll
Bellam Gavvalu With Cow Ghee 250 GmMalai Roll 1 Kg
Bellam Gavvalu With Cow…Malaipuri
Bellam PashamMalaipuri 1 Kg
Bellam Sunnundalu With Cow Ghee 250 GmMalapua
Bellam Sunnundalu With…Mallia Burfi
Bengali Matar Kachoribengali Peas KachoriMallia Burfi 250 Gm
Besan LadduMalpua
Besan Laddu 1 KgMango Bite
Besan Laddu 250 GmMango Bites
Besan Laddu With Cow GheeMango Bites 250 Gm
Besan Laddu With Cow Ghee 250 GmManoharam
Besan LadooMaramaralu Unndalu
Bhel PuriMaramaralu Unndalu 500 Gm
Bhel Puri2Matar Kachori
Bhindi MasalaMatar Mushroom
Big 24 Pcs BoxMatar Paneer
Black Forest CakeMathrimathris
Black Forest Cake 1 KgMedium
Black Forest PastryMedium 18 Pcs Box
Black Forest Pastry 2 PcMedu Vada
Blueberry CakeMedu Vadas
Blueberry Cake 10 PcMeetha Lola
Blueberry CheesecakeMethi Matar Malai
Blueberry Cheesecake 1 KgMewa Bite
Blueberry CupcakeMewa Bites
Blueberry Cupcake 6 PcsMewa Bites 250 Gm
Blueberry  CakeMihidana
Blueberry  Cake 1 KgMilk Mysore Pak
Blueberry  PastryMilk Mysore Pak 1 Kg
Blueberry  Pastry 1 PcMilk Mysore Pak 250 Gm
BobbatluMilk Mysore Pak 500 Gm Pack Of 1
Bobbatlu 1 KgMilk Mysorepak
Bombay HalwaMilk Mysorepak 1 Kg
Bombay Halwa 250 GmMisti Doi
Bombay Pav BhajiMithai Unndalu
Bombay Sev Puri2Mithai Unndalu 500 Gm
Bombay Vada PavMixed Nut Bar
BoondiMixed Nut Bar 50 Gm
Boondi LadduModak
Boondi Laddu 1 KgModak Ukkadicha
Boondi Laddu 250 GmModakam
Boondi LadooMohan Thaal
Boondi MithaiMoong Dal Halwa
Boondi Mithai 1 KgMota Sev
Bread PakoraMota Sev 1 Kg
Bread PizzaMothichoor Laddu
Bread TartletsMothichoor Laddu 250 Gm
Brown KovaMotichoor Laddu
Brown Kova 250 GmMotichoor Laddu 1 Kg
Bujjiya(Kova Puri)Mumbai Pav Bhaji
Bujjiya(Kova Puri) 1 KgMung Halwa
Bundi Laddu With Cow GheeMushroom
Bundi Laddu With Cow Ghee 250 GmMushroom Biryani
Bundi With Cow Ghee 250 GmMushroom Tikka
Bundi With Cow…Mysore Pak
BureluMysore Pak (Ghee)
Burelu 1 KgMysore Pak (Ghee) 250 Gm
Butterscotch CakeMysore Pak (Oil)
Butterscotch Cake 1 KgMysore Pak (Oil) 250 Gm
Butterscotch PastryMysore Pak 1 Kg
Butterscotch Pastry 1 PcMysorepak With Cow Ghee
Butterscotch Pastry 2 PcMysorepak With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Butterscotch Swiss Rolls 6 PcsMysrupa
Butterscotch Swiss…Mysrupa 250 Gm
Butterscotch  CakeName
Butterscotch  Cake 1 KgNankhatai
Californian Almond Cookies 250 GmNaralachi Wadi
Californian Almond…Narali Bhaat
Capsicum PuffNarali Bhat
Capsicum Puff 6 PcsNarkeler Naru
Caramel CustardNavarang
Cashew Krunch AssortedNavarang 1 Kg
Cashew Krunch Assorted 250 GmNavratan Korma
Cashew Krunch ClassicNethi Basen Laddu
Cashew Krunch Classic 250 GmNethi Basen Laddu 1 Kg
Cashewnut BarNethi Papdi
Cashewnut Bar 50 GmNethi Papdi 100 Gm
ChakliNeti Ariselu
ChakodiNeti Ariselu 1 Kg
Chakodi 1 KgNeti Nuvula Ariselu
Cham ChamNeti Nuvula Ariselu 1 Kg
Chhena GajaNeti Nuvvula Ariselu
Chhena JalebiNeti Nuvvula Ariselu 1 Kg
Chhena KheeriNeyyapam
Chhena PayeshNorth
Chhena PodaNuvvula Ariselu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Chilli PaneerNuvvula Ariselu With Cow…
ChiroteNuvvula Laddu
Chitti BadushaahNuvvula Laddu 250 Gm
Chitti Badushaah 1 KgNuvvula Laddu With Cow Ghee (Sesame Laddu) 250 Gm
Chitti KajaNuvvula Laddu With Cow…
Chitti Kaja 1 KgNuvvula Undalu
Chitti Kaja With Cow GheeNuvvula Undalu 500 Gm
Chitti Kaja With Cow Ghee 250 GmOats Chikki
ChivdaOats Chikki 250 Gm
Choco BiteOats Laddu
Choco BombOats Laddu 500 Gm
Choco Bomb 1 PcObbattu / Holige
Chocochip BrownieOrange & Chocolate 250 Gm Pack Of 2
Chocochip Brownie 1 PcOrange & Elachi 250 Gm Pack Of 2
Chocolate & Elachi 250 Gm Pack Of 2Orange & Pineapple 250 Gm Pack Of 2
Chocolate &…Orange &…
Chocolate BadameesOrange Bite
Chocolate Badamees 250 GmOrange Bites
Chocolate BitesOrange Bites 250 Gm
Chocolate Bites 250 GmOrange Burfee
Chocolate BurfiOrange Swiss Rolls
Chocolate Burfi 250 GmOrange Swiss Rolls 6 Pcs
Chocolate CakeOreo Cake
Chocolate Cake 1 KgOreo Cake 1 Kg
Chocolate CheesecakeOreo Pastry
Chocolate Cheesecake 1 KgOreo Pastry 1 Pc
Chocolate CupcakePal Kozhukkatai
Chocolate Cupcake 6 PcsPal-adai
Chocolate DonutPalak Paneer
Chocolate Donut 4 PcsPalathalikalu
Chocolate MoussePalli Chekki
Chocolate Mousse 1 PcPalli Chekki 500 Gm
Chocolate PastryPalli Unndalu
Chocolate Pastry 2 PcPalli Unndalu 200 Gm
Chocolava CupcakePan-indian
Chocolava Cupcake 1 PcPanchdara Chilakalu
Chocovanilla  CakePanchdara Chilakalu 1 Kg
Chocovanilla  Cake 1 KgPaneer Butter Masala
Chocovanilla  Pastry 1 PcPaneer Khurchan
Chocovanilla…Paneer Lababdar
ChooPaneer Pasanda
Choo 10 Gm PouchPaneer Puff
Choo Choko FlavourPaneer Puff 6 Pieces
Choo Choko Flavour 10 Gm PouchPaneer Tikka
Choo Strawberry FlavourPaneer Tikka Masala
Choo Strawberry Flavour 10 Gm PouchPaneer Tikka Pizza
CoconutPani Puri
Coconut 1 KgPantua
Coconut BarfiPapdi Chaat
Coconut BurfiParuppu Prathaman
Coconut CakePateesa
Coconut KajjikayaluPati Shapta
Coconut Kajjikayalu 1 KgPatisha
Coconut KalakandPavitra Bandhan
Coconut Kalakand 1 KgPazham Pori
Coconut LadduPeanut
Coconut LadooPeanut 100 Gm
Coconut Orange LadduPeanut Chikki
Coconut RicePeanut Chikki Jar
Cream RollPeda
Cream Roll 6 PcsPedda Palli Unndalu
Crunch RollPedda Palli Unndalu 500 Gm
Crunch Roll 330 GmPeni
Crunchy DuetsPhanas Poli
Crunchy Duets 3 PcsPhirni
Dabeli RecipePineapple & Chocolate 250 Gm Pack Of 2
Dahi Papdi ChaatPineapple &…
Dal MoothiPineapple Cake
Dal Moothi 250 GmPineapple Cake 1 Kg
Dal PakwanPineapple Pastry
Dall Mote MixturePineapple Pastry 2 Pc
Dall Mote Mixture 1 KgPineapple  Pastry
Date BitePineapple  Pastry 1 Pc
Dhaba Style Dal MakhaniPista Biscuits
Dharwad PedhaPista Biscuits 1 Kg
DhondasPista Bite Cake
Dhudh PedhaPista Chamcham
Dinkache LadooPista Chamcham 1 Kg
Diwali Snacks Recipes KhandviPista Pan
Diwali Sweets Recipes LadooPithe
Do Check More Diwali SnacksPlain Putharekulu
Dodha BurfiPlain Putharekulu 250 Gm
Doodh PedaPlum Cake
Doodh Peda 1 KgPlum Cake 1 Kg
DoodhpakPoha Chivda
Double Ka MeethaPoornalu
Dry Fruit Anjeer BarfiPoosa Mithai
Dry Fruit Anjeer Barfi 1 KgPoosa Mithai 1 Kg
Dry Fruit Anjeer BurfiPootharekulu
Dry Fruit Anjeer Burfi 500 Gm Pack Of 1Pootharekulu 1 Kg
Dry Fruit Bellam Putharekulu 250 GmPootharekulu Bellam
Dry Fruit Bellam…Pootharekulu Bellam 500 Gm
Dry Fruit BitePootharekulu Sugar
Dry Fruit BurfiPootharekulu Sugar 500 Gm
Dry Fruit Burfi 1 KgPranohora
Dry Fruit KalakandPremium Assorted Sweets 1 Kg
Dry Fruit Kalakand 1 KgPremium…
Dry Fruit LadduPulao In Pressure Cooker
Dry Fruit Laddu 1 KgPunjabi Chole
Dry Fruit Laddu 250 GmPunjabi Kadhi Pakora
Dry Fruit Sugar Putharekulu 250 GmPuran Poli
Dry Fruit Sugar…Putharekulu (Dry Fruits) With Cow Ghee 5 Pieces
Dry Fruits LadooPutharekulu (Dry Fruits)…
Dry Roasted Soya, Corn, Wheat & Bajra 100 GmPutharekulu, Sugar Free
Dry Roasted Soya,…Putharekulu, Sugar Free 250 Gm
Dry SamosaQubani Ka Meetha
Dry Samosa 1 KgQuick Milk Pedha
Dryfruit BurfiQuick Paneer Tikka
Dryfruit Burfi 1 KgRabri
Dryfruit HalwaRagi Laddu
Dryfruit Halwa 1 KgRagi Laddu 250 Gm
Dryfruit LadduRagi Laddu, Sugar Free
Dryfruit Laddu 1 KgRagi Laddu, Sugar Free 250 Gm
Dudhi HalwaRainbow Pastry
DudpedaRainbow Pastry 1 Pc
Dudpeda 250 GmRajbhog
E 10 PcsRas Malai
E 5 PcsRasabali
Easy Aloo ChaatRasgulla 1 Kg
Easy Chole RecipeRaskadamba
Easy Dal MakhaniRasmalai
Easy Gujarati KadhiRasmalai 1 Kg
Eclairs 2 PcsRasmalia 5pcs
Elachi & Pineapple 250 Gm Pack Of 2Ratala Che Kaap
Elachi &…Rava / Besan Ladoo
Ethakka AppamRava Dhokla
Ferrero Rocher CakeRava Kesari
Ferrero Rocher Cake 1 KgRava Laddu
Ferrero Rocher Pastry 1 PcRava Laddu 1 Kg
Ferrero Rocher…Ravva Laddu With Coconut & Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Filled DonutsRavva Laddu With Coconut…
Filled Donuts 2 PcsReeshte
Flower KhajaRegular Assorted Sweets 1 Kg
Flower Khaja 1 KgRegular…
French FriesRestaurant Style Dal Tadka
Fresh Fruit FillersRibbed Pakoda
Fresh Fruit Fillers 10 PcsRibbed Pakoda 1 Kg
Fruit&nut DipsRice Kheer
Fruit&nut Dips 25 PcsRice Payasam
Gajar HalwaRocky Roads
Gajar Ka HalwaRocky Roads 6 Pcs
Gajar Ki BarfiRose Bite
Gavhachi Kheer / Dalia KheerRose Bites
GavvaluRose Bites 250 Gm
Gavvalu 1 KgRound Murukulu
GhargeRound Murukulu 1 Kg
Ghee 1 KgRumballs 1 Pc
Ghee 250 GmSabudana Kheer
Ghee 500 GmSajjige
GhevarSalt Pista
Gol PapadiSalt Pista 1 Kg
Golden Box ( Medium Size )Samosa
Golden Box ( Small Size )Samosa 6 Pcs
Golden Doller, Sugar FeeSandesh
Golden Doller, Sugar Fee 250 GmSandesh Recipe
Gond LadduSangam Burfee
Gond Laddu 250 GmSarkarapuratty
Grilled SandwichSchezwan Fried Rice
Gud Kaju RollSev Puri
Gud Kaju Roll 175 GmSevai Kheer
Gud Revadi ( Desi Ghee)Seviyan Kheer
Gud Revadi ( Desi Ghee) 200 GmSeviyan Kheer Seviyan Payasam
Gujarati KadhiShahi Paneer
Gujarati SnacksShahi Tukda
GujiyaShakkar Pare
Gul PoliShammi Kabab
Gulab JamunShankarpali
Gulab Jamun 1 KgSheer Khurma
GulabiluSheer Korma
Gulabilu 200 GmSheera
Gulabjamun 6pcsShor Bhaja
HalbaiShor Puria
Halwa 1 KgSingori
Hara Bhara KababSitabhog
Healthy SnacksSlice Cake
HoneylandSlice Cake 6 Pcs
Honeyland 1 KgSmall
Horlicks KalakanSmall 18 Pcs Box
Horlicks Kalakan 250 GmSmall Bundi Laddu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Ice Cream BurfiSmall Bundi Laddu With…
Ice Cream Burfi 250 GmSmall Chakodi
Icecream BurfiSmall Chakodi 1 Kg
Icecream Burfi 1 KgSmall Kaja
ImartiSmall Kaja 1 Kg
Instant Rava DhoklaSoan Cake ( Multi Flavour )
JaangiriSoan Cake(Sadha)
JaangriSoan Papdi
Jaangri 1 KgSoan Papdi 1 Kg
Jaggery Sunnunda, SmallSoan Papdi(Chocolate Flavour)
Jaggery Sunnunda, Small 220 GmSoan Papdi(Coconut Flavour)
Jain Kaju KatliSoan Papdi(Orange Flavour)
Jal-bhoraSoan Papdi(Regular)
JalebiSoan Papdi(Special Ghee)
JangriSohan Halwa
Jangri 1 KgSohan Papdi
JantikaluSohan Papdi 250 Gm
Jantikalu 1 KgSohan Patti
JeediluSohan Patti 250 Gm
Jeedilu 200 GmSona Papidi
JelebiSona Papidi 250 Gm
Jelebi 1 KgSooji Halwa
JhangariSooji Kheer
Jhangari 250 GmSouth
JilebiSouth Indian Dry Fruit Laddu 250 Gm
Jilebi 1 KgSouth Indian Dry Fruit…
JunnuSouth Indian Snacks
Junnu 100 GmSpecial Simla Roll
Just Chocolate Brownie 1 PcSpecial Simla Roll 1 Kg
Just Chocolate…Special Soan Papadi
KachoriSpecial Soan Papadi 1 Kg
Kachori 6 PcsSpl Laddu (Motichur)
Kada PrasadSpl Laddu (Motichur) 1 Kg
Kadai CholeSponge Cake
Kadai Chole RecipeSponge Cake 1 Kg
Kadai PaneerStrawberry Bite
KadapakStrawberry Cake
Kaja Big (Ghee)Strawberry Cake 1 Kg
Kaja Big (Ghee) 250 GmStrawberry  Cupcake
Kaja Big (Oil)Strawberry  Cupcake 6 Pcs
Kaja Big (Oil) 250 GmStrawberry  Pastry
Kaja Small (Ghee)Strawberry  Pastry 1 Pc
Kaja Small (Ghee) 250 GmSudha Ras
Kajji KayaluSugar Glazed Donut
Kajji Kayalu 250 GmSugar Glazed Donut 4 Pcs
KajjikaayaluSukhi Arbi
Kajjikayalu 250 GmSundalu
Kajjikayalu With Cow GheeSunnunallu
Kajjikayalu With Cow Ghee 250 GmSunnunallu 250 Gm
KajuSunnunallu, Sugar Free
Kaju 1 KgSunnunallu, Sugar Free 250 Gm
Kaju Anjeer BarfiSunnunda With Cow Ghee
Kaju Anjeer Barfi 1 KgSunnunda With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Kaju Anjeer BurfiSunnundalu
Kaju Anjeer Burfi 500 Gm Pack Of 1Sunnundalu 1 Kg
Kaju Anjeer RajSuper Premium Assorted Sweets 1 Kg
Kaju Anjeer RollSuper Premium…
Kaju Anjeer Roll 1 KgSuryakala
Kaju Anjeer Roll 500 Gm Pack Of 1Suryakala 250 Gm
Kaju Anjeera RollsSutar Feni
Kaju Anjeera Rolls 1 KgSweet Potato Halwa
Kaju BadamSweet Samosa
Kaju Badam 1 KgSweet Samosa 1 Kg
Kaju BarfiSweett Donut
Kaju Barfi 1 KgSweett Donut 2 Pc
Kaju BurfiTandoori Aloo
Kaju Burfi 250 GmTandoori Paneer Tikka
Kaju Burfi 500 Gm Pack Of 1Tapeswara Kaja
Kaju Butterscotch RollTapeswara Kaja 1 Kg
Kaju Butterscotch Roll 1 KgTapeswaram Kaja
Kaju Butterscotch Roll 250 GmTapeswaram Kaja 1 Kg
Kaju Chocolate LadduTeerangi Barfi
Kaju Chocolate RollTill, Gud
Kaju Chocolate Roll 250 GmTill, Gud 100 Gm
Kaju DilkushTwin Badamees
Kaju Dilkush 1 KgTwin Badamees 250 Gm
Kaju Dry Fruit BurfiUnni Appam
Kaju Dry Fruit Burfi 250 GmVada Pav
Kaju Dry Fruit CassattlaVanilla Chocochip Cup Cake 6 Pcs
Kaju Dry Fruit Cassattla 250 GmVanilla Chocochip…
Kaju Dry Fruit ConeVanilla Cup Cake
Kaju Dry Fruit Cone 1 KgVanilla Cup Cake 2 Pcs
Kaju Dry Fruits LadduVanilla Roll
Kaju Dry Fruits Laddu 500 Gm Pack Of 1Vanilla Roll 4 Pcs
Kaju Dry Fruits LadooVeg Bread Pizza
Kaju Dry Fruits Ladoo 1 KgVeg Cheese Toast
Kaju KatliVeg Diwani Handi
Kaju Katli 1 KgVeg Fried Rice
Kaju Katli 500 Gm BoxVeg Grilled Sandwich
Kaju Kesari RollVeg Handi
Kaju Kesari Roll 1 KgVeg Hyderabadi Biryani
Kaju KunjVeg Korma
Kaju LadduVeg Pizza
Kaju MangoVeg Roll
Kaju Mango 1 KgVeg Roll 6 Pcs
Kaju MithaiVeg Spring Rolls
Kaju Mithai 1 KgVegan Tandoori Aloo
Kaju MixVegitable Puff
Kaju PakamVegitable Puff 6 Pcs
Kaju Pakam 250 GmVenna Undalu
Kaju Pakam SweetVenna Undalu 1 Kg
Kaju Pakam Sweet 1 KgW Ghee 250 Gm
Kaju Pista FruitWalnut Bites
Kaju Pista Fruit 1 KgWalnut Bites 250 Gm
Kaju Pista RollWalnut Brownie
Kaju Pista Roll 250 GmWalnut Brownie 1 Pc
Kaju PistarollWhite Kalakan
Kaju Pistaroll 1 KgWhite Kalakan 250 Gm
Kaju RollWhite Kalakand
Kaju SandwichWhite Kalakand 1 Kg
Kaju Sandwich 1 KgWhole Wheat Atta Pizza
Kaju StrawberryWhole Wheat Pizza
Kaju Strawberry 1 KgYakhni Pulao
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