1000+ Home Made Diwali Sweets From Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal

diwali-sweetsDiwali means fesitval of lights in common. Diwali termed with festival of crackers for kids. But Diwali is also festival of sweets for kids, youngsters, and elders. One cannot taste diwali unless there is sweet dishes for diwali / deepavali day. And it is none other than indian sweets that can fulfill this festival. Yes indian sweets exported across all the world of countries and the celebrity at the other end buys diwali sweets.

Among the diwali recipes, sweets forms the major part of the deepavali dishes. All the indian hoursehold wish for sweets which are traditional, commercial, and latest modern varieties. Nowadays people forgotten to make sweets at home and hence look for shops to purchase sweets sometimes online sometime offline. Though the shop sweets are standard only when they are branded otherwise they may turn into food poison. So it is good we at family should preserve / remember how to make diwali sweets at home. It may be from grandma / great parents who can help in this regard.

There is no idea for the upcoming festival diwali whether the online retail giant amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, shopclue will bring quality sweets at their service. So here we have listed 1000+ diwali sweets that can be cooked / prepared easily at our house. As we have given only the list of sweet names, one should google for its diwali sweet recipes or indian sweet recipes on google to know more about the preparation / ingredients.

Aamras Kakinada Khaja
Abar-khabo Kakinada Khaja 1 Kg
Acchappam Kala Jamnu
Achari Paneer Tikka Kala Jamun
Ada Kala Jamun 1 Kg
Adadiyu Kalajamun
Adhirasam Kalajamun 1 Kg
Agra Peda Kalakand
Agra Peda 250 Gm Kalo Jam
Agra Petha Kamal Bhog
Agra Taj Petha Kancha-golla
Agrapaan Kara Boondhi
Agrapaan 1 Kg Kara Boondhi 1 Kg
Ajmeer Kalakand Karanji
Ajmeer Kalakand 1 Kg Karappusa Mithai With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Ajmeri Kalakand Karappusa Mithai…
Ajmeri Kalakand 1 Kg Karjikai
Ajmeri Kalakandh Kashi Halva
Ajmeri Kalakandh 1 Kg Kashmiri Burfi
Ajmeri Kalakhand Kashmiri Burfi 1 Kg
Ajmeri Kalakhand 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Kg
Almond Bar Khaju Burfi
Almond Bar 50 Gm Khaju Burfi 1 Kg
Almond Brownie Khajur Dryfruit Burfi
Almond Brownie 1 Pc Khajur Dryfruit Laddu
Almond Halwa Khajur Dryfruits Burfee
Aloo Chaat Khaman Dhokla
Aloo Tikki Khandvi
Aloo Tikki Burger Kharjura Kalakand
Aloo Tikki Chole Kharjura Kalakand 1 Kg
Amriti Kharwas
Anarsa Khatta Dhokla
Anjeer Burfi Kheer
Anjeer Burfi 1 Kg Kheer Er Chop
Anjeer Burfi 250 Gm Kheer Sagar
Anjeer Dryfruits Burfee Khopra Paak
Anjeer Katli Khova Fruit Cake
Anjeer Pan Khova Fruit Cake 250 Gm
Anjeer Pan 1 Kg Khova Gujia
Anjeer Roll Khova Gujia 250 Gm
Anjeer Roll 250 Gm Khova Kajjikayalu
Anjmeer Kalakan Khova Kajjikayalu 1 Kg
Anjmeer Kalakan 250 Gm Khova Picess
Ariselu Khova Picess 1 Kg
Ashrafi Khova Puri
Ashrafi 1 Kg Khova Puri 1 Kg
Ashrafi 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Kismis Kalakan
Assorted Kismis Kalakan 250 Gm
Assorted 400 Gm Kobbari Laddu
Assorted Dry Fruit Bites Kobbari Laddu 500 Gm
Atta Ladoo Kolukattai Or Kudumulu
Aval Nanachathu Komolabhog
Baby Corn Manchurian Kova Billalu
Badam Barfi Kova Billalu 250 Gm
Badam Barfi 1 Kg Kova Gujia
Badam Burfi Kova Gujia 1 Kg
Badam Burfi 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Kova Gujjia
Badam Halwa Kova Gujjia 500 Gm Pack Of 1
Badam Halwa 1 Kg Kova Kajikayali
Badam Halwa 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Kova Kajikayali 250 Gm
Badam Katli Kova Peda
Badam Ki Jali Kova Peda 250 Gm
Badam Ki Jali 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Kova Puri
Badam Papdi Kova Puri 250 Gm
Badam Papdi 1 Kg Kozhakkattai
Badam Pista Roll Kozhikode Halwa
Badam Pista Roll 1 Kg Kozhukattai
Badam Pista Roll 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Ksheera-kesari
Badham Kulfi[1]
Badham 1 Kg Kuzhalappam
Badshah Kuzhi Paniyaram
Badshah 250 Gm Laddoo
Badusha With Cow Ghee Laddus
Badusha With Cow Ghee 250 Gm Lassi
Badushaah Lauki Halwa
Badushaah 1 Kg Lauki Ka Halwa
Balls Ledikeni
Balls 15 Pcs Liquor Fillers
Balushahi Liquor Fillers 12 Pcs
Balushai Lyangcha
Balushai 250 Gm Madata Kaja
Banana Bites Madata Kaja 1 Kg
Banana Bites 250 Gm Madata Kaja 500 Gm Pack Of 1
Banana Cake Madatha Khaja
Banana Cake 10 Pc Madatha Khaja 1 Kg
Bandar Halwa Magas
Bandar Halwa 1 Kg Maharashtrian Snacks
Bandar Laddu Mahim Halwa
Bandar Laddu 1 Kg Maida Petha
Bandar Laddu 250 Gm Maladu Or Maa Laddu
Bandar Laddu 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Malai Burfi
Bandaru Laddu Malai Burfi 1 Kg
Bandaru Laddu 1 Kg Malai Ki Gilauri
Barfi Malai Kofta
Basundi Malai Laddu
Beetroot Halwa Malai Pan
Bellam Garelu Malai Roll
Bellam Gavvalu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm Malai Roll 1 Kg
Bellam Gavvalu With Cow… Malaipuri
Bellam Pasham Malaipuri 1 Kg
Bellam Sunnundalu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm Malapua
Bellam Sunnundalu With… Mallia Burfi
Bengali Matar Kachoribengali Peas Kachori Mallia Burfi 250 Gm
Besan Laddu Malpua
Besan Laddu 1 Kg Mango Bite
Besan Laddu 250 Gm Mango Bites
Besan Laddu With Cow Ghee Mango Bites 250 Gm
Besan Laddu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm Manoharam
Besan Ladoo Maramaralu Unndalu
Bhel Puri Maramaralu Unndalu 500 Gm
Bhel Puri2 Matar Kachori
Bhindi Masala Matar Mushroom
Big 24 Pcs Box Matar Paneer
Black Forest Cake Mathrimathris
Black Forest Cake 1 Kg Medium
Black Forest Pastry Medium 18 Pcs Box
Black Forest Pastry 2 Pc Medu Vada
Blueberry Cake Medu Vadas
Blueberry Cake 10 Pc Meetha Lola
Blueberry Cheesecake Methi Matar Malai
Blueberry Cheesecake 1 Kg Mewa Bite
Blueberry Cupcake Mewa Bites
Blueberry Cupcake 6 Pcs Mewa Bites 250 Gm
Blueberry  Cake Mihidana
Blueberry  Cake 1 Kg Milk Mysore Pak
Blueberry  Pastry Milk Mysore Pak 1 Kg
Blueberry  Pastry 1 Pc Milk Mysore Pak 250 Gm
Bobbatlu Milk Mysore Pak 500 Gm Pack Of 1
Bobbatlu 1 Kg Milk Mysorepak
Bombay Halwa Milk Mysorepak 1 Kg
Bombay Halwa 250 Gm Misti Doi
Bombay Pav Bhaji Mithai Unndalu
Bombay Sev Puri2 Mithai Unndalu 500 Gm
Bombay Vada Pav Mixed Nut Bar
Boondi Mixed Nut Bar 50 Gm
Boondi Laddu Modak
Boondi Laddu 1 Kg Modak Ukkadicha
Boondi Laddu 250 Gm Modakam
Boondi Ladoo Mohan Thaal
Boondi Mithai Moong Dal Halwa
Boondi Mithai 1 Kg Mota Sev
Bread Pakora Mota Sev 1 Kg
Bread Pizza Mothichoor Laddu
Bread Tartlets Mothichoor Laddu 250 Gm
Brown Kova Motichoor Laddu
Brown Kova 250 Gm Motichoor Laddu 1 Kg
Bujjiya(Kova Puri) Mumbai Pav Bhaji
Bujjiya(Kova Puri) 1 Kg Mung Halwa
Bundi Laddu With Cow Ghee Mushroom
Bundi Laddu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm Mushroom Biryani
Bundi With Cow Ghee 250 Gm Mushroom Tikka
Bundi With Cow… Mysore Pak
Burelu Mysore Pak (Ghee)
Burelu 1 Kg Mysore Pak (Ghee) 250 Gm
Butterscotch Cake Mysore Pak (Oil)
Butterscotch Cake 1 Kg Mysore Pak (Oil) 250 Gm
Butterscotch Pastry Mysore Pak 1 Kg
Butterscotch Pastry 1 Pc Mysorepak With Cow Ghee
Butterscotch Pastry 2 Pc Mysorepak With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Butterscotch Swiss Rolls 6 Pcs Mysrupa
Butterscotch Swiss… Mysrupa 250 Gm
Butterscotch  Cake Name
Butterscotch  Cake 1 Kg Nankhatai
Californian Almond Cookies 250 Gm Naralachi Wadi
Californian Almond… Narali Bhaat
Capsicum Puff Narali Bhat
Capsicum Puff 6 Pcs Narkeler Naru
Caramel Custard Navarang
Cashew Krunch Assorted Navarang 1 Kg
Cashew Krunch Assorted 250 Gm Navratan Korma
Cashew Krunch Classic Nethi Basen Laddu
Cashew Krunch Classic 250 Gm Nethi Basen Laddu 1 Kg
Cashewnut Bar Nethi Papdi
Cashewnut Bar 50 Gm Nethi Papdi 100 Gm
Chakli Neti Ariselu
Chakodi Neti Ariselu 1 Kg
Chakodi 1 Kg Neti Nuvula Ariselu
Cham Cham Neti Nuvula Ariselu 1 Kg
Chhena Gaja Neti Nuvvula Ariselu
Chhena Jalebi Neti Nuvvula Ariselu 1 Kg
Chhena Kheeri Neyyapam
Chhena Payesh North
Chhena Poda Nuvvula Ariselu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Chilli Paneer Nuvvula Ariselu With Cow…
Chirote Nuvvula Laddu
Chitti Badushaah Nuvvula Laddu 250 Gm
Chitti Badushaah 1 Kg Nuvvula Laddu With Cow Ghee (Sesame Laddu) 250 Gm
Chitti Kaja Nuvvula Laddu With Cow…
Chitti Kaja 1 Kg Nuvvula Undalu
Chitti Kaja With Cow Ghee Nuvvula Undalu 500 Gm
Chitti Kaja With Cow Ghee 250 Gm Oats Chikki
Chivda Oats Chikki 250 Gm
Choco Bite Oats Laddu
Choco Bomb Oats Laddu 500 Gm
Choco Bomb 1 Pc Obbattu / Holige
Chocochip Brownie Orange & Chocolate 250 Gm Pack Of 2
Chocochip Brownie 1 Pc Orange & Elachi 250 Gm Pack Of 2
Chocolate & Elachi 250 Gm Pack Of 2 Orange & Pineapple 250 Gm Pack Of 2
Chocolate &… Orange &…
Chocolate Badamees Orange Bite
Chocolate Badamees 250 Gm Orange Bites
Chocolate Bites Orange Bites 250 Gm
Chocolate Bites 250 Gm Orange Burfee
Chocolate Burfi Orange Swiss Rolls
Chocolate Burfi 250 Gm Orange Swiss Rolls 6 Pcs
Chocolate Cake Oreo Cake
Chocolate Cake 1 Kg Oreo Cake 1 Kg
Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo Pastry
Chocolate Cheesecake 1 Kg Oreo Pastry 1 Pc
Chocolate Cupcake Pal Kozhukkatai
Chocolate Cupcake 6 Pcs Pal-adai
Chocolate Donut Palak Paneer
Chocolate Donut 4 Pcs Palathalikalu
Chocolate Mousse Palli Chekki
Chocolate Mousse 1 Pc Palli Chekki 500 Gm
Chocolate Pastry Palli Unndalu
Chocolate Pastry 2 Pc Palli Unndalu 200 Gm
Chocolava Cupcake Pan-indian
Chocolava Cupcake 1 Pc Panchdara Chilakalu
Chocovanilla  Cake Panchdara Chilakalu 1 Kg
Chocovanilla  Cake 1 Kg Paneer Butter Masala
Chocovanilla  Pastry 1 Pc Paneer Khurchan
Chocovanilla… Paneer Lababdar
Choo Paneer Pasanda
Choo 10 Gm Pouch Paneer Puff
Choo Choko Flavour Paneer Puff 6 Pieces
Choo Choko Flavour 10 Gm Pouch Paneer Tikka
Choo Strawberry Flavour Paneer Tikka Masala
Choo Strawberry Flavour 10 Gm Pouch Paneer Tikka Pizza
Coconut Pani Puri
Coconut 1 Kg Pantua
Coconut Barfi Papdi Chaat
Coconut Burfi Paruppu Prathaman
Coconut Cake Pateesa
Coconut Kajjikayalu Pati Shapta
Coconut Kajjikayalu 1 Kg Patisha
Coconut Kalakand Pavitra Bandhan
Coconut Kalakand 1 Kg Pazham Pori
Coconut Laddu Peanut
Coconut Ladoo Peanut 100 Gm
Coconut Orange Laddu Peanut Chikki
Coconut Rice Peanut Chikki Jar
Cream Roll Peda
Cream Roll 6 Pcs Pedda Palli Unndalu
Crunch Roll Pedda Palli Unndalu 500 Gm
Crunch Roll 330 Gm Peni
Crunchy Duets Phanas Poli
Crunchy Duets 3 Pcs Phirni
Dabeli Recipe Pineapple & Chocolate 250 Gm Pack Of 2
Dahi Papdi Chaat Pineapple &…
Dal Moothi Pineapple Cake
Dal Moothi 250 Gm Pineapple Cake 1 Kg
Dal Pakwan Pineapple Pastry
Dall Mote Mixture Pineapple Pastry 2 Pc
Dall Mote Mixture 1 Kg Pineapple  Pastry
Date Bite Pineapple  Pastry 1 Pc
Dessert Pinni
Dhaba Style Dal Makhani Pista Biscuits
Dharwad Pedha Pista Biscuits 1 Kg
Dhondas Pista Bite Cake
Dhudh Pedha Pista Chamcham
Dinkache Ladoo Pista Chamcham 1 Kg
Diwali Snacks Recipes Khandvi Pista Pan
Diwali Sweets Recipes Ladoo Pithe
Do Check More Diwali Snacks Plain Putharekulu
Dodha Burfi Plain Putharekulu 250 Gm
Doodh Peda Plum Cake
Doodh Peda 1 Kg Plum Cake 1 Kg
Doodhpak Poha Chivda
Double Ka Meetha Poornalu
Dry Fruit Anjeer Barfi Poosa Mithai
Dry Fruit Anjeer Barfi 1 Kg Poosa Mithai 1 Kg
Dry Fruit Anjeer Burfi Pootharekulu
Dry Fruit Anjeer Burfi 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Pootharekulu 1 Kg
Dry Fruit Bellam Putharekulu 250 Gm Pootharekulu Bellam
Dry Fruit Bellam… Pootharekulu Bellam 500 Gm
Dry Fruit Bite Pootharekulu Sugar
Dry Fruit Burfi Pootharekulu Sugar 500 Gm
Dry Fruit Burfi 1 Kg Pranohora
Dry Fruit Kalakand Premium Assorted Sweets 1 Kg
Dry Fruit Kalakand 1 Kg Premium…
Dry Fruit Laddu Pulao In Pressure Cooker
Dry Fruit Laddu 1 Kg Punjabi Chole
Dry Fruit Laddu 250 Gm Punjabi Kadhi Pakora
Dry Fruit Sugar Putharekulu 250 Gm Puran Poli
Dry Fruit Sugar… Putharekulu (Dry Fruits) With Cow Ghee 5 Pieces
Dry Fruits Ladoo Putharekulu (Dry Fruits)…
Dry Roasted Soya, Corn, Wheat & Bajra 100 Gm Putharekulu, Sugar Free
Dry Roasted Soya,… Putharekulu, Sugar Free 250 Gm
Dry Samosa Qubani Ka Meetha
Dry Samosa 1 Kg Quick Milk Pedha
Dryfruit Burfi Quick Paneer Tikka
Dryfruit Burfi 1 Kg Rabri
Dryfruit Halwa Ragi Laddu
Dryfruit Halwa 1 Kg Ragi Laddu 250 Gm
Dryfruit Laddu Ragi Laddu, Sugar Free
Dryfruit Laddu 1 Kg Ragi Laddu, Sugar Free 250 Gm
Dudhi Halwa Rainbow Pastry
Dudpeda Rainbow Pastry 1 Pc
Dudpeda 250 Gm Rajbhog
E 10 Pcs Ras Malai
E 5 Pcs Rasabali
East Rasgulla
Easy Aloo Chaat Rasgulla 1 Kg
Easy Chole Recipe Raskadamba
Easy Dal Makhani Rasmalai
Easy Gujarati Kadhi Rasmalai 1 Kg
Eclairs Rasmalia
Eclairs 2 Pcs Rasmalia 5pcs
Elachi & Pineapple 250 Gm Pack Of 2 Ratala Che Kaap
Elachi &… Rava / Besan Ladoo
Ethakka Appam Rava Dhokla
Ferrero Rocher Cake Rava Kesari
Ferrero Rocher Cake 1 Kg Rava Laddu
Ferrero Rocher Pastry 1 Pc Rava Laddu 1 Kg
Ferrero Rocher… Ravva Laddu With Coconut & Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Filled Donuts Ravva Laddu With Coconut…
Filled Donuts 2 Pcs Reeshte
Flower Khaja Regular Assorted Sweets 1 Kg
Flower Khaja 1 Kg Regular…
French Fries Restaurant Style Dal Tadka
Fresh Fruit Fillers Ribbed Pakoda
Fresh Fruit Fillers 10 Pcs Ribbed Pakoda 1 Kg
Fruit&nut Dips Rice Kheer
Fruit&nut Dips 25 Pcs Rice Payasam
Gajar Halwa Rocky Roads
Gajar Ka Halwa Rocky Roads 6 Pcs
Gajar Ki Barfi Rose Bite
Gavhachi Kheer / Dalia Kheer Rose Bites
Gavvalu Rose Bites 250 Gm
Gavvalu 1 Kg Round Murukulu
Gharge Round Murukulu 1 Kg
Ghari Rumballs
Ghee 1 Kg Rumballs 1 Pc
Ghee 250 Gm Sabudana Kheer
Ghee 500 Gm Sajjige
Ghevar Salt Pista
Gol Papadi Salt Pista 1 Kg
Golden Box ( Medium Size ) Samosa
Golden Box ( Small Size ) Samosa 6 Pcs
Golden Doller, Sugar Fee Sandesh
Golden Doller, Sugar Fee 250 Gm Sandesh Recipe
Gond Laddu Sangam Burfee
Gond Laddu 250 Gm Sarkarapuratty
Grilled Sandwich Schezwan Fried Rice
Gud Kaju Roll Sev Puri
Gud Kaju Roll 175 Gm Sevai Kheer
Gud Revadi ( Desi Ghee) Seviyan Kheer
Gud Revadi ( Desi Ghee) 200 Gm Seviyan Kheer Seviyan Payasam
Gujarati Kadhi Shahi Paneer
Gujarati Snacks Shahi Tukda
Gujiya Shakkar Pare
Gul Poli Shammi Kabab
Gulab Jamun Shankarpali
Gulab Jamun 1 Kg Sheer Khurma
Gulabilu Sheer Korma
Gulabilu 200 Gm Sheera
Gulabjamun Shikran
Gulabjamun 6pcs Shor Bhaja
Halbai Shor Puria
Halva Shrikhand
Halwa Singgar
Halwa 1 Kg Singori
Hara Bhara Kabab Sitabhog
Healthy Snacks Slice Cake
Honeyland Slice Cake 6 Pcs
Honeyland 1 Kg Small
Horlicks Kalakan Small 18 Pcs Box
Horlicks Kalakan 250 Gm Small Bundi Laddu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Ice Cream Burfi Small Bundi Laddu With…
Ice Cream Burfi 250 Gm Small Chakodi
Icecream Burfi Small Chakodi 1 Kg
Icecream Burfi 1 Kg Small Kaja
Imarti Small Kaja 1 Kg
Instant Rava Dhokla Soan Cake ( Multi Flavour )
Jaangiri Soan Cake(Sadha)
Jaangri Soan Papdi
Jaangri 1 Kg Soan Papdi 1 Kg
Jaggery Sunnunda, Small Soan Papdi(Chocolate Flavour)
Jaggery Sunnunda, Small 220 Gm Soan Papdi(Coconut Flavour)
Jain Kaju Katli Soan Papdi(Orange Flavour)
Jal-bhora Soan Papdi(Regular)
Jalebi Soan Papdi(Special Ghee)
Jangri Sohan Halwa
Jangri 1 Kg Sohan Papdi
Jantikalu Sohan Papdi 250 Gm
Jantikalu 1 Kg Sohan Patti
Jeedilu Sohan Patti 250 Gm
Jeedilu 200 Gm Sona Papidi
Jelebi Sona Papidi 250 Gm
Jelebi 1 Kg Sooji Halwa
Jhangari Sooji Kheer
Jhangari 250 Gm South
Jilebi South Indian Dry Fruit Laddu 250 Gm
Jilebi 1 Kg South Indian Dry Fruit…
Junnu South Indian Snacks
Junnu 100 Gm Special Simla Roll
Just Chocolate Brownie 1 Pc Special Simla Roll 1 Kg
Just Chocolate… Special Soan Papadi
Kachori Special Soan Papadi 1 Kg
Kachori 6 Pcs Spl Laddu (Motichur)
Kada Prasad Spl Laddu (Motichur) 1 Kg
Kadai Chole Sponge Cake
Kadai Chole Recipe Sponge Cake 1 Kg
Kadai Paneer Strawberry Bite
Kadapak Strawberry Cake
Kaja Big (Ghee) Strawberry Cake 1 Kg
Kaja Big (Ghee) 250 Gm Strawberry  Cupcake
Kaja Big (Oil) Strawberry  Cupcake 6 Pcs
Kaja Big (Oil) 250 Gm Strawberry  Pastry
Kaja Small (Ghee) Strawberry  Pastry 1 Pc
Kaja Small (Ghee) 250 Gm Sudha Ras
Kajji Kayalu Sugar Glazed Donut
Kajji Kayalu 250 Gm Sugar Glazed Donut 4 Pcs
Kajjikaayalu Sukhi Arbi
Kajjikayalu Sukiyan
Kajjikayalu 250 Gm Sundalu
Kajjikayalu With Cow Ghee Sunnunallu
Kajjikayalu With Cow Ghee 250 Gm Sunnunallu 250 Gm
Kaju Sunnunallu, Sugar Free
Kaju 1 Kg Sunnunallu, Sugar Free 250 Gm
Kaju Anjeer Barfi Sunnunda With Cow Ghee
Kaju Anjeer Barfi 1 Kg Sunnunda With Cow Ghee 250 Gm
Kaju Anjeer Burfi Sunnundalu
Kaju Anjeer Burfi 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Sunnundalu 1 Kg
Kaju Anjeer Raj Super Premium Assorted Sweets 1 Kg
Kaju Anjeer Roll Super Premium…
Kaju Anjeer Roll 1 Kg Suryakala
Kaju Anjeer Roll 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Suryakala 250 Gm
Kaju Anjeera Rolls Sutar Feni
Kaju Anjeera Rolls 1 Kg Sweet Potato Halwa
Kaju Badam Sweet Samosa
Kaju Badam 1 Kg Sweet Samosa 1 Kg
Kaju Barfi Sweett Donut
Kaju Barfi 1 Kg Sweett Donut 2 Pc
Kaju Burfi Tandoori Aloo
Kaju Burfi 250 Gm Tandoori Paneer Tikka
Kaju Burfi 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Tapeswara Kaja
Kaju Butterscotch Roll Tapeswara Kaja 1 Kg
Kaju Butterscotch Roll 1 Kg Tapeswaram Kaja
Kaju Butterscotch Roll 250 Gm Tapeswaram Kaja 1 Kg
Kaju Chocolate Laddu Teerangi Barfi
Kaju Chocolate Roll Till, Gud
Kaju Chocolate Roll 250 Gm Till, Gud 100 Gm
Kaju Dilkush Twin Badamees
Kaju Dilkush 1 Kg Twin Badamees 250 Gm
Kaju Dry Fruit Burfi Unni Appam
Kaju Dry Fruit Burfi 250 Gm Vada Pav
Kaju Dry Fruit Cassattla Vanilla Chocochip Cup Cake 6 Pcs
Kaju Dry Fruit Cassattla 250 Gm Vanilla Chocochip…
Kaju Dry Fruit Cone Vanilla Cup Cake
Kaju Dry Fruit Cone 1 Kg Vanilla Cup Cake 2 Pcs
Kaju Dry Fruits Laddu Vanilla Roll
Kaju Dry Fruits Laddu 500 Gm Pack Of 1 Vanilla Roll 4 Pcs
Kaju Dry Fruits Ladoo Veg Bread Pizza
Kaju Dry Fruits Ladoo 1 Kg Veg Cheese Toast
Kaju Katli Veg Diwani Handi
Kaju Katli 1 Kg Veg Fried Rice
Kaju Katli 500 Gm Box Veg Grilled Sandwich
Kaju Kesari Roll Veg Handi
Kaju Kesari Roll 1 Kg Veg Hyderabadi Biryani
Kaju Kunj Veg Korma
Kaju Laddu Veg Pizza
Kaju Mango Veg Roll
Kaju Mango 1 Kg Veg Roll 6 Pcs
Kaju Mithai Veg Spring Rolls
Kaju Mithai 1 Kg Vegan Tandoori Aloo
Kaju Mix Vegitable Puff
Kaju Pakam Vegitable Puff 6 Pcs
Kaju Pakam 250 Gm Venna Undalu
Kaju Pakam Sweet Venna Undalu 1 Kg
Kaju Pakam Sweet 1 Kg W Ghee 250 Gm
Kaju Pista Fruit Walnut Bites
Kaju Pista Fruit 1 Kg Walnut Bites 250 Gm
Kaju Pista Roll Walnut Brownie
Kaju Pista Roll 250 Gm Walnut Brownie 1 Pc
Kaju Pistaroll White Kalakan
Kaju Pistaroll 1 Kg White Kalakan 250 Gm
Kaju Roll White Kalakand
Kaju Sandwich White Kalakand 1 Kg
Kaju Sandwich 1 Kg Whole Wheat Atta Pizza
Kaju Strawberry Whole Wheat Pizza
Kaju Strawberry 1 Kg Yakhni Pulao
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