VIVO All Latest Model Mobile Phones Price List in Amazon, Flipkart

VIVO All Latest Model Mobile Phones Price List in Amazon, Flipkart:

The Vivo provides the wide range of latest model smartphone series that provides the best android phones in India to entertain all the smartphone mobile users.

Here we provide all the latest model smartphones of VIVO that are currently available for online purchase at Amazon and Flipkart in India.

Vivo Smartphones Price List in Amazon:
Vivo V1 (Gold) – Rs.15,200.00/-
Vivo V1 (white) – Rs.14,500.00/-
Vivo V1 Max White – Rs.13,862.00/-
Vivo V3 (Gold) – Rs.14,990.00/-
Vivo V3 (Rose Gold) – Rs.14,500.00/-
Vivo V3 Max (Gold) – Rs.16,990.00/-
Vivo V5 (Crown Gold) – Rs.16,999.00/-
Vivo V5 Plus 1611 (Gold, 64GB) – Rs.26,000.00/-
VIVO V5 Space Grey 32GB – Rs.17,099.00/-
Vivo X5Pro (White) – Rs.18,600.00/-
Vivo Y15S (Black) – Rs.6,990.00/-
Vivo Y15S (White) – Rs.7,290.00/-
Vivo Y21 (Grey) – Rs.7,289.00/-
Vivo Y21 (White) – Rs.7,590.00/-
Vivo Y21L (Grey) – Rs.7,099.00/-
VIVO Y21L – 4G VoLTE – WHITE – Rs.7,438.00/-
Vivo Y22 (White) – Rs.7,490.00/-
Vivo Y27L (White) – Rs.7,490.00/-
Vivo Y28 (Blue) – Rs.10,990.00/-
Vivo Y31L (Black) – Rs.8,499.00/-
Vivo Y31L (White) – Rs.8,499.00/-
Vivo Y51L (Black) – Rs.9,450.00/-
Vivo Y51L (White) – Rs.8,999.00/-
Vivo Y55L (Gold) – Rs.11,290.00/-
Vivo Y55L (Grey) – Rs.11,290.00/-

Vivo Mobile Phones Price List in Flipkart:
VIVO V1 (Gold, 16 GB) – Rs.13,999
VIVO V1 MAX (White, 16 GB) – Rs.13,490
VIVO V1 WHITE (White, 16 GB) – Rs.13,999
VIVO V3 (Gold, 32 GB) – Rs.14,980
VIVO V3 (Rose Gold, 32 GB) – Rs.13,950
VIVO V3 Max (Gold, 32 GB) – Rs.19,100
VIVO V5 (Crown gold, 32 GB) – Rs.17,500
VIVO V5 Plus (Gold, 64 GB) – Rs.26,793
VIVO X5 (White, 16 GB) – Rs.18,990
VIVO X5 MAX (White, 16 GB) – Rs.19,949
VIVO Y11 (Blue, 4 GB) – Rs.5,699
VIVO Y11 (White, 4 GB) – Rs.6,090
VIVO Y15S (Black, 8 GB) – Rs.7,999
VIVO Y15S WHITE (White, 8 GB) – Rs.6,500
VIVO Y21 (White, 16 GB) – Rs.6,899
VIVO Y21L (White, 16 GB) – Rs.6,999
VIVO Y27L WHITE 16GB – Rs.9,001
VIVO Y31 (Black, 8 GB) – Rs.8,469
VIVO Y31 WHITE 8GB – Rs.7,999
VIVO Y31L (Black, 16 GB) – Rs.9,590
VIVO Y31L (White, 16 GB) – Rs.8,400
VIVO Y51L (Black, 16 GB) – Rs.9,799
VIVO Y51L (White, 16 GB) – Rs.8,999
VIVO Y55L (Gold, 16 GB) – Rs.11,975
VIVO Y55S (Crown Gold, 16 GB) – Rs.12,200


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