CSD Opens Depots at Remote Places in India

CSD Opens Depots at Remote Places in India

For the time being, Canteen Stores Department that sells goods at subsidized rates to defence personnel from the Army, Navy & Air Force will be under makeover. There are alleged restrictions imposed on csd goods is an abnormal criticism. CSD is deciding to establish its depots so as to ensure its 1.2 crore customers to get the latest fast-moving consumer goods from CSD’s Unit Retail Canteen, URC.

The nation’s biggest retail network, closing the fiscal year 2016-17 with a turnover of Rs.17,000 crore, is partnering with companies on a model which would decrease the time lag and uneasy indulged in the purchase of white products. The aim is to ensure csd smart cardholders avail the advanced array of white goods to opt from.

CSD wants its buyers to obtain the choice of purchasing a product from URCs the same day when the product is introduced in the retail market. Currently, goods are made available with a lag effect, that can even stretch to one year. CSD is processing on reducing the time consumed to introduce new products. Hereafter, CSD will make quicker clearance of new product introductions. CSD who is in discussions with pioneer FMCG companies such as Hindustan Unilever and Procter & Gamble to make sure csd customers grab to sample their products as early as they are out.

The Canteen Stores Department is India’s largest retailer crossing a turnover of 17,000 crore rupee for FY 2016-2017. The CSD generally fulfills the demands of the 3 wings of the Indian armed forces viz. Military, Air Force & Navy.

On the other side of white goods, CSD is speaking to top consumer durable makers to gentle the process. CSD schedules to make sure documents are moved online and, with the depot issues an authority receipt, the customer can pick the white goods from the closest dealer anywhere in the nation.

From Leh and Port Blair, CSD presently has thirty-four depots and 4,500 outlets, handing out to army jawans across the most hard terrains. CSD is on plan to add depots in Bhubaneswar (Orissa), Danapar (Bihar) and Himachal Pradesh.

About CSD
CSD was first commenced in the year 1921 for British armies. CSD handles nearly 5,500 stock keeping units SKUs. CSD has atleast a month’s inventory to sell well early the purchase fresh stocks under new GST prices.

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