List of Xiaomi TV Future Models in India

Very recently, Xiaomi China has introduced its television brands into indian tv market through MI India. The chinese brand Xiaomi TV is very popular in china households as an affordable tv set. Xiaomi TV has made its first entry into indian led markets with 32″, 43″ and 55″ sizes. The new entrant Xiaomi is gearing and grabbing the customers of competitors like Samsung, Sony, and LG. Korean and Japan TV makers are there in the indian for over 5 decades for the middle and high class consumers.

Xiaomi TVs are priced at very less price compared to other TV manufacturers in the launches xiaomi models. Not even the celebrations of xiaomi tv is over, the company may come with further future models in lot of tv variants to its indian customers. The indian tv buyers here wants more latest, bigger from xiaomi soon.

The next model of xiaomi tv may be a 65″ 3s followed by 77″, 100″ inch size with some are curved. The indian led purchasers wants all in the range below one lakh or so. There are no complaints on xiaomi tv so far and this remains even in china. Although chinese products are sometime hypothetic, xiaomi stands exception compared to other international tv brands available in India.

Following are the latest Xiaomi tv models available in china which very soon may available in India

  • Mi Box
  • Mi TV 4 65″
  • Mi TV 3s 65″ Curve
  • Mi TV 3s 65″
  • MiJia TV 150″ Smart LED 3D Laser Projector
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 2 40″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 2 49″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3 55″ SMART 4K
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3 55″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3 60″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3 70″ with Soundbar
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3 70″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3S 48″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3S 55″ SMART 4K Flat
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3S 65″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3S 65″ SMART 4K Flat
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3S Surface 43″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 3S Surface 65″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4 49″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4 55″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4 65″
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32″ 1/4 GB
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 43″ 2/8Gb
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 49” 2/32GB
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 49” 2/8 GB
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55” 2/32 GB
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55” 2/8 GB
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 65” 2/32 GB
  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 65” 2/8 GB



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