Top Ten Facts of Lab Test of CSD Items

Top Ten Facts of Lab Test of CSD Items

In the recent report by Controller and Auditor General, canteen store department missed to produce and go ahead a monthly list of the food & liquor products to be evaluated at food labs, progressing in great risk of consumption of sub-standard quality goods. As per CAG, “CSD head office (HO) filtered just 520 items for examine against 956 food & liquor list obtained. From the shortlisted, just 448 were moved to the laboratories from August 2014 and March 2015.”

It was monitored that the labs that were in collaboration with CSD did not give test analysis of standard of 281 food items and ninety-one liquor items. But out of the seventy-six test reports acknowledged, the Labs had confirmed thirty-five samples (46%) as sub-standard. Moreover the report also claimed, that in fiscal year 2015-2016, against 1,781 shortlisted items just 589 items were recognized by CSD Depot Delhi & B D Bari to labs for evaluating thereby leaving sixty-seven percent of items unevaluated before going for sale.

Noting an example of King Fisher Beer concerned to laboratory for testing in Jan 2014, by Area Depot Baghdogra via Area Depot Delhi was discovered not good for usage. While replying to CAG report, Dy. Dir. Gen. Canteen Services claimed that “A proposal to enlist extra laboratories has been processed, that will fetch out more brief analysis.” Though CAG showed its displeasure and told, “Despite the assurance provided by the MoD to the parliamentary action committee to hike the quantum of venues for testing of food & liquor items, Composite Food Laboratories were on the other side decreased from 6 to 3.

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