Top Ten Facts of Flipkart Rs.49 BuyBack Offers on Phone Returns

Flipkart has come out with beautiful buyback deal for the iPhone X and other brand phones decreasing the price of buying a smartphone by a large margin. Just pay Rs 49 as token to get assured value of 50% when you throw the phone after eight months of use for buyback. The offer is called Flipkart’s ‘Super Value Week’ schedule for 18th-24th March.

In the offer, the INR 89,000 price of the 64GB iPhone X drops down to Rs 38,999 deducting a flat discount of Rs.5,501. The offer is available to the Google Pixel 2, Galaxy S8 Plus, Redmi Note 5 Pro and whole a lot.

Thinking how many phones turn outdated in just an year, the offer does sense if you modify phones that soon. One should keep in though however is that the prima facie price of the phone remains the same. One need to shed the sum amount of Rupees 89,000 upfront apart from Rs 49. What the offer promises is that when you desire to sell the phone, one can avail 50 percent of the value return as a discount on the next purchase of phone from flipkart.

Up on your return of iPhone X within 6 to 8 months, the 50 percent buyback estimation of Rs 44,500 will be applied. While in case you given it back within nine to twelve months, the buyback value will fall down to Rs.36,500 whereas by returning it after 13 to 15 months will ensure getting you Rs 27,500. The buyback guarantee offer can be combined with Flipkart’s no-cost EMI offer that makes the phone again further affordable.

Is it discount worth opting for? To be frank, giving a kidney for a phone that you will quickly wish to replace with another one in less than a year isn’t a very grand financial plan. But if you are owe on being on the spilling edge of technology and love to remain on the edge, then it is a good offer.

So for those who want to purchase a OnePlus 5T from the Redmi Note 5 Pro, you cannot do so. Moreover, you required to have the phone in one piece when you are changing along with the original box, charger & other spares. In absense of the box and other accessories, there will be further reduction of Rs 750.

In order to redeem the buyback guarantee up on giving the phone back, choose ‘Buy with exchange’ on the product web page and the discount will be applied instantly for the phone.

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