How to book 7 to 12 Tickets in 1 Month Using Aadhaar Number?

How to book 7 to 12 Tickets in 1 Month Using Aadhaar Number?

IRCTC online train ticket booking rules are changed now. To simplify the process of reserving tickets online in the official website or the IRCTC mobile app, Indian Railways often updating rules. In addition to it, many moves are considered to prevent misuse of the online train ticket booking platform by touts.

Indian Railways aadhaar linking helps commuters Indian Railways has fair news for this summer season with its latest launched Aadhaar verification advantages.

As the summer holiday season comes, booking train tickets online is simpler for travellers this time! Deciding to head on a vacation with family and friends? Wish to book more than six railway tickets on IRCTC in a month? Indian Railways now lets you to connect your IRCTC login ID with your Aadhaar number and book up to twelve train tickets in one month! That’s double the limit that is made by IRCTC for users whose Aadhaar is not associated to the IRCTC account!

As per IRCTC, in order to reserve up to 12 tickets in one month the passengers or users can go themselves checked via their Aadhaar number along with at least 1 more railway passenger or user also being checked via Aadhaar. However, kindly note the fact that up to six train tickets in a month, no Aadhaar Verification is needed as previously and, hence, the prevailing facility to book up to 6 tickets with no verification of the Aadhaar number in a month still remains. Here are the tips that you required to know in order to reserve more than six tickets and up to 12 tickets in a month:

Initially, the IRCTC registered user is needed to get himself “Aadhaar-verified” through the Aadhaar KYC option in My Profile on the IRCTC website or application. The Aadhaar of the user will be scrutinized by forwarding an OTP on the user’s mobile number which is connected with his/her Aadhaar number as the OTP is successfully processed, the user will turn as a Aadhaar verified. At least one among the users or passengers on the tickets being booked should too be Aadhaar-verified. As per IRCTC, before commencing the ticket booking procedure online, users are needed to check the probable passengers in their concerned Aadhaar number and save the verified passengers particulars in passenger master list.

After this, the user can include the Aadhaar verified passengers from passengers master list during time of booking.

How To Verify Aadhaar Number, here are the procedure:

  • The user should login through his/her IRCTC user ID & Password on official IRCTC website.
  • Then the user should click “Aadhaar KYC” link below “My Profile” menu.
  • The the user should key his/her Aadhaar Number and click on Send OTP button. Up on this, the OTP is sent by Aadhaar System UIDAI on the adhaar registered mobile number. The user is appealed to have his/her Aadhaar registered mobile number ready.
  • The user can currently type the One Time Password and click on Check button.
  • Now to check know your customer information the user should click on Submit button. And up on submission,the AADHAAR will be verified.

How To Include a Passenger with Aadhaar Number?

  • The user should click “Master List” link below “My Profile” menu.
  • Whereas adding fresh passengers in the Master List, the user should give Proper and full particulars such as Name, DOB, Gender and Aadhaar number as indicated in the Aadhaar Card.
  • To include and check Aadhaar information, the user should click on “Submit” button.
  • After this, the commuters will be listed in the Master List with Verification Status as “Pending”. However, no OTP will be forwarded in case of passenger Aadhaar verification.
  • The user can presently click on “Click here to verify pending Aadhaar verification status” option so as to verify the verification status of Aadhaar details.
  • Passengers who have been checked with their Aadhaar particulars will be provided the “Verified” status whereas the passengers with failed verification will be offered the status of “Not Verified”.
  • As per IRCTC, passengers who are listed in the Master list but are with no verification of Aadhaar can be check through the “Edit” option. This has to be made by giving complete details that include Aadhaar number.

How To Choose Aadhaar verified passengers in Ticket Booking?

So as to order to book over six tickets and up to 12 tickets in a month, the user should opt at least 1 Aadhaar verified passenger from Master List and include to the Passenger list whereas booking the tickets. If the user who is reserving the tickets does not have an Aadhaar verified passenger in Master List before making the 7th ticket and onward then he/she will be not let to book extra tickets (over 6).

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