Comments for Kamalhaasan Kumaraswamy Kaveri Discussions

Comments for Kamalhaasan Kumaraswamy Kaveri Discussions

When questioned if he was ready to have talks with Tamil Nadu on Cauvery, Kumaraswamy tells “if the Tamil Nadu government is ready, I am willing.”

Actor & politician Kamal Haasan saw Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy in the city of Bengaluru on Monday and had discussion on the issue of sharing of the Cauvery water.

Mr. Kumaraswamy told journalists that maintaining a harmonious relation between the two States and expediting the resolution of the issue, keeping the interests of farmers of both the States in mind, were discussed.

  • Senthil Mr Kumaraswamy is not smiling…subliminal message is already clear…his constituency takes first priority…and it is logical isn’t it? He does not have majority…he is serving at the pleasure of the congress…and he better not lose even the seats he has today…which means “no water to TN”…Kamal should have publicly stated a timeline for Kaveri waters…only then can we measure his ability to execute by means of his “friendship” with Mr Kumaraswamy…
  • Nityananda Kamal has not understood ground realities. The time for talks is long gone. The SC’s formula has now got to be implemented . And for this a Management Board is being setup. It has the authority to implement the water sharing formula based on the rain pattern and reservoir levels. All 4 States are now expected to go by the decisions of this Board as taken from time to time.
  • Anonymous Kannadigas also dravidians only issue to add diff between TN and KA is cauvery issue. Logical ending and mutual respect should take us long way. Now the SW monsoon started and raining heavily in Karnataka.Its the right time release water for the farmers in T.N. Its wrong for a state not to obey the directives of our Supreme Court. Suppose Tamil Nadu engages in creating barrages on Kaveri to store water and seeds all rain bearing clouds over the state for rains, Karnataka will have a major water problem.
  • Alphonso D’souza Kamal has the knowledge of the problems. It was a gentlemanly gesture to visit the CM of Karnataka; this is the only way we can keep the courts out of sight and solve the problems by sharing what is there in the stock.
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