Doctors Critics on Delhi Medical Policy Draft

Doctors Critics on Delhi Medical Policy Draft

While many doctors, owners of clinical homes and experts tell the advisory is rude and may impact patient care, the Health Minister says it will rise transparency. While the lay man has invited the Delhi government’s draft policy that focuses to cap profits of private hospitals and slash medical costs, professionals are worried over the debilitating affec it might have on the health field.

Health Minister Satyendar Jain recently released a draft policy, that has features to managed what named “exploitative profit” done by private hospitals and nursing homes via “overcharging patients for drugs, investigations and other medical initiatives.

  • Dr Kumar Oh…wow what a policy….our uneducated society will overwhelm now…n yet they are celebrating because we are one the one of the poorest nation of world not by money but by thinking….one of the worst policy of all time i must say …if u r scraping the profits of corporate hospitals they will reduce staffs and doctors n ultimately leads to less cost effective care…why they don’t reduce the taxes to decrease the cost of equipments and medicines…why they don’t increase the infrastructure of the government hospitals….why they don’t increase the number of beds in govt hospitals….but we r people of India without thinking and i am sure this policy will be lauded everywhere….which is very unfortunate….
  • K.Vijay Kumar While welcoming the Government’s decision, I like to know why can not the same Government try to improve the conditions of the Government hospitals. Even though they can not afford to go to private hospitals, the poor are ready to sacrifice their property for getting treatment in private hospitals. Why? They very well know the conditions of Government hospitals. This gives an opportunity for the private hospitals to exploit and squeeze the poor. It will be better if the Government remembers the statement ‘ Charity begins at home ‘
    Misra This could have been the morning headline of all newspaper in the Nation! Commendable.
  • SUNIL PANKAJ The efforts of govt are commendable. As a matter of policy, private health care should be in the hands of trusts (no profit-no loss) and profit centres should be banned in this segment.
    Gomathi Control the salary/ consultation fees of the specialist doctors, bring down the gap in the salaries of consultants and other healthcare workers, look into the problem of bringing down this menace of capitation fees in private medical colleges etc, etc. All systemic causes for these high pricing structure have to be addressed for effective reduction in the OUt of pocket expenditure for the patient. Charging 1000 Rs, 1200 Rs for just consultation is atrocious.
  • Gomathi Enforcing stringent regulations on the private health sector is not the primary way to bring down the out of pocket expenditure. The public health system should be strengthened to a level that just not the poorest of the poor only visit them out of no choice but also others. The hygiene, waiting time, infrastructure, dignity of patients, attitude of the staff, quality of services etc., need to looked into. What about the social determinants of health? Especially environmental pollution.??? Simply flogging the private hospitals will only be detrimental to health care. Bringing transparency, putting a cap on the profit are all OK. But what is this dignity of death by waiving hospital charges??? Does the minister knows how a hospital operates?
  • HILARY Private hospitals in India today barring a few exception are healthcare industry where the business model is built on an algorithm designed to maximise profits. In the absence of proper regulation of health care costs, India is on the American pathway of healthcare disaster. A lesson from countries like Japan, Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland were healthcare by private industry is regulated and synchronised is necessary for India. What the Delhi government has done is a 1st baby step and needs to be augmented in many ways. No wonder the private healthcare sector were EPS is the mantra is unhappy and calls it a joke. But then, the big business friendly Narendra Modi government will surely come to the rescue of big business.
  • A.S. Malhotra This is welcome step. It will definately provide a great relief to patients and their family members from exhorbitant charges for diagnosis and treating the patients. The current charges of the these high end hospitals and other medical centres are so high thus creating lot of anxiety and fear psychosis in the minds of patients and their family members. Further, Delhi Government should also Pau due attention on clauses of medical insurances so as they should not be misutilized due neferious and malicious intent. In addition, since it is the duty of State to provide life and liberty of the citizen as fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution, efforts should also be made to enhance the facilities the Government hospital in respect of good infrastructure, diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  • Jyoti Dalal No doubt overcharging and malpractices are rampant in private hospitals. But not every treatment can be capped , for example services during surgery, how can one cap them and will it be a good example to do so. Indeed this draft policy is a good move towards India’s socialist economic objective but it too can’t help the problem which is much bigger than what it has proposed.
  • Vendhan Fire the government doctors running a private hospital, clinic, consultation. Then develop the Government hospital. Make government officials to pay from their pocket for health insurance and medical expenses when they don’t want to be treated in the Government hospitals.
  • SB Raj It is about time the private medical practice is put under control. many of the doctors and hospitals exploit the patients and their families at their most vulnerable time, giving and charging for treatment when they know that the patient cannot recover, duplication of tests, backyard agreement with doctors and service providers and chemists to obtain commissions for requesting service etc. Overcharging for medicine and surgical accessories, implements and equipment is common. Medical service is an essential services and every citizen is entitled to reasonable care. Australia has defined prices for each medical or surgical service for those who are not insured. It outlawed junkets and commissions to doctors for prescribing particular brands etc.
  • Anil Good move of Delhi government.. Doctors fees, various tests charges and medicine prices must be unified and under control of government.. because under the disguise of treatment doctors make loot of patients.
  • Sunil Kumar Thakur Very good move by Delhi government.It will help common men a lot.This policy if implanted will to some extent reduce the organised loot by the private hospital. Real move by the government to help common men and poor.
  • T.S.Gopalakrishnan Nowadays the patients do not complain About pills being bitter.They do feel only The hospital and pharmacy BILLS are becoming more and more bitter.Governments should better look into these things to save the Family expenses.
  • Vaigundan instead of giving the heading as bitter pill to private hospitals.. you could have chose to title good news for patients or regulating private hospitals profit..
  • Kinshuk Parashar People who are saying that hospitals are not making profits, can they tell how doctors have become billionaire. Those who are saying that it is based on popular sentiments, they should know that if someone will stick to popular Sentiments then all these Pvt hospitals would be nationalised in a day or closed. Let’s talk about GANGA ram hospital. They are the biggest looters. They charge 2000 for inspecting a simple muscle tear and 1500 for Xray , leave the medicine. And all this costed me only ₹220 including meds and bandage in govt hospital. Max, are they still talking. 16lakh for dengue treatment?? Do they have the right to speak. It should be closed with immediate effect.
  • V K This policy is need of the hour. No business is allowed to charge 50% margin on medicine, 33% margin of implants etc. Hospitals are keeping patients on death bed in hospital just to bloat the bill. Family members of such patients will get great relief
    Sanjeev Malhotra AD Bajaj has wrongly said that cost of hospital care is one of the least in India. She is comparing the dollar cost. But India has less incomes.
  • Sanjeev Malhotra AD Bajaj is wrong in saying that the cost of medicines and other procedures in Indiaare one of the most affordable in the world. She is talking after converting the $ into Rs. She must know that people don’t have critical levels of income in India to sustain such reasoning. In US any body earning less than $25 k per annum is defined as being below poverty line . In India what percentage of population earns Rs 16.5 Lacs per annum? My guess is between 1% and 2%.
  • Santosh The question is who’s interests needs protection. If you want educated high earning middle class as patients then these are conditions.
  • As Totally baseless and spineless decision and if implemented will impact the pvt sector immensely and this effectively will put an end to the Govt loosing the elections badly
  • Joseph Selvaraj The government would do well by bringing down the MRP of the drugs rather than capping profits. It is these profits that help the hospitals running. If the Pharma hikes up the cost price such that the MRP is at 50% above the cost price, then again, the common man will not be profited and only the big Pharma Will make the gains out of it at the expense of the hospitals and patients. There are two ways in which the government can bring down the discrepancy in the quality of healthcare between the government hospitals and private hospitals. One will be to improve the facilities of the government hospitals to make them at par with private hospitals. And the other will be to bring down the quality of the private hospitals so that they are in par with the government hospitals. Unfortunately the government seems to have taken the easier and most popular route.
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