FIFA WC 2018: Mohamed Salah Can Retire From International Football Sannyas

FIFA WC 2018: Mohamed Salah can retire from international football Sannyas

Volgograd (Russia). Mohamed Salah told his Egyptian colleagues and officials that he is contemplating to retire from international football because he is upset that the team used to be used as a political symbol while staying in Chechnya.
Two close friends of Salah said on the condition of privacy that this star player is angry with the behavior of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov who organized a dinner for the team. Kadirov used this opportunity to give Salah “honorary citizenship”.

Kadirov is accused of violating human rights. Egyptian Football Federation spokesman Osama Ismail said that Salah had not complained to the federation. He said, what Salah writes on his Twitter account should be considered correct. (Language)

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