Former Champion Uruguay Won A 3-0 win against Russia in the 21st FIBA ​​World Cup


Former champion Uruguay won a 3-0 win against Russia in the 21st FIBA ​​World Cup. The 21st FIBA ​​World Cup football tournaments are held in Russia. The 32 teams are divided into 8 teams with 4 teams each. Each team will play with the other three teams in his section. Accordingly, each team has completed two matches. France and France from France, D and Uruguay and C from France, Belgium and the UK from Germany and the G-section from Croatia and F-section have already advanced to the next round. The third round of the Division round started today. It is Russia and Uruguay that have already advanced to the knockout round from A-section.

Russia won a 5-0 win over Saudi Arabia in the first league match in the A-section. Uruguay won the Mohammed Salah’s Egypt 1: 0 in the second match.

Russia won Egypt In the following match, Russia won 3-1, Uruguay won 1-0 against Louis Suarez goal in his 100th match against Saudi Arabia.

Russia and Uruguay, who have won 2 wins each, advanced to the knockout round. At the same time, both Egypt and Saudi Arabia lost in the round of matches.

Russia, Uruguay in the last league match in the A-section today. In the 10th minute, Uruguay took 1-0 lead to Suarez. In the 23rd minute Russia’s Chelseaev Same Side advanced to Uruguay 2-0. At the last minute of the match, Uruguay won 3-0 to win. Uruguay topped the A-section.

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