Spain & Portugal Ready To Face Death Teams With Chest

Spain and Portugal ready to face death Teams with chest chests

Moscow: It’s just a few seconds to start the final round of the group stage of the World Cup. Spain and Portugal today have a life-death battle.

Spain will face Morocco at 11 pm and Portugal and Iran. Both are fought to determine who will advance from last season to Group X.

Four points to each match a match for Spain and Portugal. Spain and Portugal both in positions. Morocco’s first game was lost when the first and second game was lost. Those who win in the rest are ahead. If you are in balance, let me go back.

Group A will start at 7.30 pm and will be at 11.30 pm at the Group B Games.

Group A.

In the evening at 7.30: Uruguay (17) Russia (70)

Straightforward: Game 1; Win: Uruguay, Russia, and Level 1

In the evening, 7.30: Saudi Arabia (67) Egypt (46)

Straightforward: Gameplay 6; Win: Saudi Arabia 1, Egypt 4, Tie 1

Russia and Uruguay reached the pre-quarterfinals. Now the fight for determining group champions.

Group B.

Spain Spain (8) Morocco

Straightforward: Gameplay 2; Win: Spain 2, Morocco 0, level 0

Iran (36) Portugal (4)

Straightforward: Gameplay 2; Win: Iran 0, Portugal 2, level 0

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